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SeaDive - SeaFire - RayBlocker-HD


SeaDive - SeaFire - RayBlocker-HD


The first RayBlocker mask designed with freedivers in mind. While single shot technology allows for the low volume of this mask, it is the comfort and proprietary RayBlocker lens coating that will win your customers over every time.

  • RayBlocker lenses, using Sharper Image Technology, provide a brighter, sharper image

  • Reduces harmful UV rays and glare.

  • Rather than use a traditional “snap-together” frame, the SeaFire mask uses an integrated frame to keep the volume low and keep drag to a minimum.

  • Swivel buckles are integrated into the mask frame

  • Plastic box with lid included

p/n SMA930BS

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Exclusive benefits of SeaDive vision-enhancement lenses

For over seven years, SeaDive has developed and field-tested, anti-reflective (ARC) mask coatings on tempered glass. Standard tempered glass has at least a 4% rate of reflection which can distort underwater vision.  SeaDive’s ARC coatings allow almost 100% transmission of light to the diver’s eyes.  SeaDive has an exclusive application and laboratory fabrication process to create these unique mask coatings. 


  • RayBlocker-HD coatings allow almost 100% light passage which provides higher definition (HD) vision underwater.

  • Light entering the lens is refined by Sharper Image Technology, a RayBlocker exclusive, for a brighter, sharper image.

  • Reduces harmful UV rays and glare.

  • Inside coating is a blue tint that reduces eye strain for very comfortable viewing.