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XS Scuba is the most complete full-line supplier of scuba diving products from masks, snorkels, fins, buoyancy compensators and regulators. XS Scuba has completed intensive industry testing on its nearly 500 diverse products so that you can rest assured that your equipment is ready to go when you are.


MiFlex XT-Tech Hoses


MiFlex XT-Tech Hoses


Developed specifically for technical and professional divers, the XT-Tech hoses have a smooth outer layer and reduced flexibility compared to the Xtreme hoses.

  • The smooth outer surface prevents abrasion around the neck

  • Less flexibility and negative buoyancy allow the longer hoses to stay in place

  • Outer polyester layer has Kevlar® yarn reinforcement to make the hose stronger and more durable

  • Lighter in weight than traditional rubber hoses

  • End fittings are made of sea water resistant electroless nickel plated brass

  • Like all Miflex hoses, they are 100% leak tested and produced on fully automated assembly lines

  • Inner liner is made from polyether based polyurethane, not PVC, as found in lesser-priced imitators

  • Approved for use with up to 40% oxygen

MX22 - 22” Miflex XT-Tech Regulator Hose
MX30 - 30” Miflex XT-Tech Regulator Hose
MX40 - 40” Miflex XT-Tech Regulator Hose
MX60 - 60” Miflex XT-Tech Regulator Hose
MX84 - 84” Miflex XT-Tech Regulator Hose

MXTQD09 - 9” Miflex XT-Tech QD Hose
MXTQD22 - 22” Miflex XT-Tech QD Hose
MXTQD25 - 25” Miflex XT-Tech QD Hose
MXTQD32 - 32” Miflex XT-Tech QD Hose

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