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Changes to the hydro retest

The Department of Transportation changed Special Permit 14157 in July 2011.

SP14157 covers all Worthington X-Series, 3442 PSI steel scuba cylinders. Changes to SP14157 include how the cylinder is evaluated for pass/fail at the time of requalification hydro test. These cylinders are no longer evaluated by the percentage of Permanent Expansion. These cylinders are now evaluated for pass/fail by the REE (Rejection Elastic Expansion). The Elastic Expansion can not exceed the Rejection Elastic Expansion. The REE info is stamped into the shoulder of every 
X-Series Worthington cylinder and it is located on our website.

A similar change was also made to Transport Canada's TC-SU 4957 Equivalency Certificate.

Please note that these changes do not have any effect on Worthington LP-Series DOT 3AA steel cylinders or Worthington aluminum 3AL aluminum cylinders.

Worthington Cylinders continues to recommend that the Hydrostatic Requalification Procedures releasedin June 2010 are followed.