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4040 W Chandler Ave
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XS Scuba is the most complete full-line supplier of scuba diving products from masks, snorkels, fins, buoyancy compensators and regulators. XS Scuba has completed intensive industry testing on its nearly 500 diverse products so that you can rest assured that your equipment is ready to go when you are.



XS Scuba MAP Policy

XS Scuba has effectively used the internet to develop increased consumer interest in our product offering.  To insure that the internet and other forms of advertising media are being used effectively to strengthen the value of the XS Scuba brand to our dealer network, we have implemented a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy.  Although our dealers are welcome to sell our products at any price, we do require that all dealers adhere to the MAP policy outlined here when advertising our products for sale.

  • You must be an Authorized XS Scuba Dealer in order to become eligible to sell XS Scuba products via the internet.
  • You must have a physical retail showroom with normal store hours, teach scuba from a nationally recognized training agency, supply air fills, and provide service for the products sold.
  • You must notify XS Scuba of the web address that will be used to sell  XS Scuba products.  Sales through auction sites like eBay will be considered a violation of this policy.  Sales through mass merchandise web sites like Amazon require approval from XS Scuba prior to listing any of our products on those web sites.
  • Each dealer web site must contain the direct phone number and physical address of the primary retail location.
  • Only the official XS Scuba logo and product images may be used in the authorized website. Use of other images will be considered a violation of the policy.  Contact XS Scuba for product images or copy and download from product pages on our website.
  • XS Scuba dealers are responsible for remaining current and accurate with the MAP policy and pricing on products at all times.
  • Any XS Scuba product sold via an internet site must be advertised at or above the MAP price for that item. Mention of blanket discounts, incentives, any rewards/loyalty points, package pricing, instant rebates and click for better pricing will be considered a violation of the policy.  Any manipulation of MAP pricing will be considered a violation of the policy.
  • A dealer may discount a MAP price by no more than $0.05 (i.e. a MAP price of $300.00 may be listed as $299.95).
  • Any XS Scuba product that was previously used is not subject to MAP policy. Any used product that is advertised on the internet must  be clearly marked as “used”. The terms “open box”, “demo”, etc. are not an acceptable description for a used product.
  • Any XS Scuba product that has a MAP price will be listed in the most current Dealer Buyer’s Guide, which is located as a PDF file in  the “Dealer’s Only” section of the XS Scuba web site.
  • MAP prices are subject to change without notice. MAP pricing changes will be updated in the PDF file of the Buyer’s Guide in the “Dealers Only” section of the XS Scuba web site.
  • XS Scuba offers “Specials” as an incentive to retailers to purchase increased quantities of the promoted items. MAP pricing may be lowered during a specified time that the “Special” is effective and for the next 30 days following the end date listed on the “Special”. The revised MAP price will be shown on the “Special”.
  • XS Scuba occasionally has products that are offered for Close-Out.  Any product listed as Close-Out will no longer be subject to MAP pricing.
  • Any retailer considered in violation of the MAP policy will be penalized as follows:

    1st Offense:    30-day account suspension (Account suspension begins after MAP violation is corrected.

2nd Offense:   60-day account suspension (Account suspension begins after MAP violation is corrected.

3rd Offense:    Account termination

NOTE: Any dealer that manipulates the advertised pricing of XS Scuba products or offers discounts to meet or beat a competitor’s MAP violation will have their account suspended for 30 days.

The XS Scuba MAP policy is subject to change without notice.  Thank you for your support of the XS Scuba MAP policy and our efforts to increase demand for our products in the marketplace.