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Stainless Steel Tec/Rec Harness


Stainless Steel Tec/Rec Harness

  • Available with 304 stainless or 5052 aluminum back plate

  • Classic minimalist harness

  • Simple continuous weave design can be completely customized

  • The 2 in. (50 mm) nylon web is specifically sourced for harness and crotch strap applications

  • Includes two 5 mm thick neoprene shoulder pads (HL805)

  • Includes 4 D-ring attachment points

  • Includes adjustable crotch strap (HL810)

  • Assembly not included

    The harness is also available by itself (p/n HL803), without the backplate or shoulder pads. It includes the crotch strap, waist buckle, D-rings and retainers.

p/n HL800-SS

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