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4040 W Chandler Ave
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LT420 Rechargeable Dive Light


LT420 Rechargeable Dive Light


The LT420 features the latest in wireless induction technology. Simply drop the light into the charging base. There is no risk of water drops getting into a charging port.

The LT420 is an excellent multi-purpose light. It will get the job done as a primary night dive light or a powerful day time light.

With a magnetic switch that provides variable power, you control the battery duration. Slide it up to the full 910 lumens for a 2-hour duration or slide it back to 50 lumens and get an amazing 60-hour duration.

  • Magnetic switch offers variable light output
  • Brightness - 50 lumens to 910 lumens
  • Battery duration – 60 hours to 2 hour
  • Depth rated to 330 ft / 100 m
  • Beam distance – 1437 ft / 438 m
  • Battery – Rechargeable Lithium Ion

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